Not the car but the bus seems to be your best way to go when getting around Amalfi. The roads along the Amalfi Coast can be quite dangerous: they are mostly two-lane roads that twist and turn along the shore. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the road when the views are breathtaking. Being the road so narrow, you need to constantly watch out for the buses, bikes, motorbikes and even scooters that in swarms ride their way along the road.

The bus route serving Sorrento and Salerno will take you to Amalfi. SITA offers a scheduled bus service that connects the towns along the coast. Buses run on schedule, they run at different frequences over the day having more rides in the morning with buses departing every 15 minutes. Tickets are not sold on board, but you need to buy them in advance at the SITA office or at any store displaying the SITA sticker. The bus company has very strict rules concerning ticket so be sure to have it punched when you bard the bus if you don’t want to pay a fine.

SITA makes connections with Trenitalia and Cisalpine (the railway system serving Northern Italia and Switzerland). For further information, check out their website at .