Costa Blanca is a destination which is comprised of numerous coastal and island cities.  For this reason, one of the best methods of getting around the area is by boat.  Different boats travel between different areas.  For example, to reach the Isla de Tabarca, travelers need to take a boat from either Alicante or Santa Pola.  To reach some islands (such as L’illeta I L’illot, it is even necessary to have one’s own boat or to charter a boat with a private citizen.

Within the bigger cities of the area and to get between the mainland locations, buses are a good option.  There are buses which travel between the major resorts and can be obtained through one’s own hotel or through a local travel agency.  Visitors can contact the local bus companies to obtain more information; see for details.

Local taxis as well as regional trains are also available for getting around the area.   Trains generally run from Alicante to other destinations so visitors should make Alicante a home base for such travel.   Visitors who are interested in doing so can rent a car to travel around the Costa Blanca mainland on their own.   See for more information about that option.