Tourists in Catalonia can utilize rental cars in order to travel all over the area for sightseeing purposes. There are some of the large rental car companies in Catalonia, such as Avis and Hertz, and there are also local rental car companies such as Enterprise,Vanguard and Driverinspain. Cars can be rented at the airport and possibly other locations – depending on the company chosen. It’s also possible to rent motorcycles instead of passenger vehicles from some of the rental agencies.

Tourists sometimes choose other modes of transportation besides rental cars because the subway and bus systems here are very good, and there are always taxis available to take anyone wherever they want to go. Also, it’s sometimes difficult for visitors to get used to the driving style in Catalonia. Drivers here do drive very fast, and the rules of the road are not an exact science. The speed limit on the freeways here is equivalent to about 70 miles per hour.

Taxi cabs in Barcelona are painted black and yellow and they all have a green light on the roof which will be lit if the cab is ready for passengers. There are two ways to find an available cab: either wait at a cab stand or flag one down on the street.