The steep streets of Segovia are best explored by foot. A good portion of the city has been pedestrianized, so walking around is really your best bet. So, slip on your comfortable walking shoes, grab a map, and your camera, and go to it. Not only does walking give you a more upclose and personal view to the sites of Segovia, but it also gives you more chances to interact with the locals and make your experience more authentic. You can learn a lot more about a place by interacting with people who live there than you would if you sat in an bus and stared out the window as you rolled past the sites of the city.

If you find yourself tired out at the end of the day, no worries, as there is a limited bus service available in the city. Taxis are also an option, though sometimes it may be hard to find one to hail as portions of the city are closed to vehicles (which on the flip side make for safer walking options).

A new option is bicycles for hire. (September 2008)These are located at the cathedral and possibly close to the tourist information office. Details can be had from the tourist information office (by the aqueduct.)