Travel to and around Tenerife is relatively safe and visitors should not be excessively concerned about dangers in the area.  The government of Tenerife is stable and there are no terrorist threats or other major national dangers of which visitors need to be aware.  Violent crime against tourists in the area is almost non-existent and non-violent crime is relatively rare.

The two most common crimes which are committed against tourists are car theft and petty theft.  Theft of vehicles is relatively uncommon but theft of items kept in vehicles is sometimes a problem.  Visitors should keep all valuables with them, instead of in their rental cars, especially when parking cars for the night.  Additionally, visitors should obtain proper theft insurance for any rental vehicles.  Petty theft is generally in the form of pick pocketing and purse snatching.  Common sense precautions and remaining aware of surroundings generally keeps visitors safe from this type of crime.  Theft of any type should be reported to the local police.

Phone numbers to be aware of for the Tenerife police are:

  • Main number for police-tourist interaction: 922 21 25 11
  • Local police in Tenerife: 092
  • National police in Tenerife: 091

In terms of other safety issues, the most common health hazard faced by tourists is sunburn so proper weather safety should be observed.  The water is said to be safe for drinking, but bottled water is always recommended during foreign travel.  Should emergency care be required, the local hospitals are up to date and safe for use.