Unlike most island groups, Balaeric islands, the Greek islands, etc. The Canaries offer a relatively stable climate all year round, with Christmas time only a few degrees cooler than the average summer temperature, but the temperature during peak season has been known to sky rocket up to the dizzy heights in the mid forties celcius (around 108f) but if you imagine late and early season temperatures could be described as better than Britain's normal summers!

In April, Fuerteventura can be very hot, even though it's early in the season, but you may find it windy as well.  Since the weather is rather changeable, it may be advisable to book for later in the season.

Which ever way you look at it, Fuerteventura is not renowned for rain, yes it does rain , but only briefly and the actual amount of rainy days throughout the year, can easily be counted on both hands.

The terrain, is generally quite barren, ranging from vast sand dunes and wide golden beaches to rocky twisted shapes and craggy mountains, reminiscent of  a moonscape.   But this is what you would expect from an arid, volcanic island!