Shopping is great in Zaragoza. Is is known as the city of shops and it does live up to its name. In the city, there are three main areas of shopping. There are two main areas of shopping in the city center. One is the main street of the city which is known as Paseo de Independencia. On this street you will find the giants such as Mango, Corte Ingles and Zara as well as lovely bookstores and art shops. If you continue from Paseo de Independencia towards Gran Vía, you will find another street lined with shops. These shops tend to be a bit more unsual and much smaller but have really unique goods.

Apart from that area, another great place to do some shopping are the streets directly behind the large El Corte Ingles on Sargasta. The streets are located in "la zona" and have some great stores. Note-these stores are usally the most expensive and exclusive but great for window shopping if you cant afford to buy!

If you are interested in wandering a bit outside the main center, the the neighborhood "Actur" there is the largest shopping center in the city. It is called " Gran Casa" and you can find just about everything there for every price range.

As far as outside markets, there is a large one which is held twice a week in the parking lot of the football stadium. Every Wednesday and Sunday morning you can find an array of goods and if you are looking for a "bargain" it is probably going to be your best bet.

Bargain hunting is always fun but unfortuantely, in Zaragoza the prices are on par with whatever city you might find in Spain.  The best time for shopping is the first week of January or the first weeks of July when all stores place there goods on sale (known as "rebajas")...if you happen to be in the area, its a great time to shop otherwise, you are not going to find too many things on sale.