Granada, with being so close to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, is a great spot for sports and activities. The first thing that comes to most peoples minds when they think of sports in Spain is soccer, or football. The second thing you will see when driving on smaller roads is the huge number of road bikers and mountain bikers in Granada area.

Andalucia is a biking paradise so if you want to lose your calories you gained of all the tapas rent a bike of your flavour, being it road bike or mountain bike and discover this area for a few days. You will definitely understand why Spanish people are so crazy about cycling here in this area of the Sierra Nevada. Make a ride to the beach through a national park, which is really amazing, or bike to lovely Montefrio or to Santa Fe. Make sure you ask the level of the tour at your bike rental before you go because Spanish cyclists are more used to the mountains than you might be.

Most of the time the mountain or road bike hire in Granada (check Google to find them) will give you free routes or offer guides.

Nice to know: Sierra Nevada has a the highest accessible road of Europe to bike on --> 3,396 meters!
Eat your heart out. 

About soccer: soccer is one of the most popular sports in Europe, and Spain is no exception. During the season, fans go out for every game and eagerly support their favorite team. While Granada does not have its own large club, there are other large clubs in Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid. Still, there are local teams and leagues that are organized that many in the community come out to watch and support.

There are also opportunities to play golf in and around the city. This sport isn't extremely popular in the area, but you can still find some places to play. It isn't very expensive as well so if you play golf, go for it because the fields are extremely challenging.

If you want, you can go for a horse ride just outside of the city. Because Granada is located an hour from the mountains and an hour from the beach, you can do this in either location. The region of Güejar is one that deserves an extra mention here. Check Google to find them.

Surprisingly, polo is a pretty popular sport in Spain, and though it is often thought of as an elitist sport, there are many locals who enjoy watching a match. CAMP If you want to get out into the countryside for a day or so you can go camping. This is best in the mountains, but you do not have to be up there to do so.