People visiting Cadiz for the first time will probably want to take advantage of the miles and miles of beautiful beaches that the city has to offer. The city's mild climate means that beach weather is in effect from May through October, so there is plenty of time to check out some of the best sand in Spain. The most popular of Cadiz's beaches is La Caleta, due to its location in the city center. It stretches between two castles, known as San Sebastian and Santa Catalina, and has a length of around 450 meters. La Playa de La Victoria is the most touristy of beaches in Cadiz, and is about three kilometers long. Many services are available at La Victoria, including hammock rental, water sports, and diving. Other Cadiz beaches include La Anegada, El Chato, Cortadura, and Santa Maria del Mar.


    Perhaps the best-known landmark in Cadiz is its impressive cathedral. It was built over a period of 116 years, beginning in the late 18th century. It was slated to be a baroque structure, but due to its drawn-out construction, later elements incorporated a neoclassical design. The immediately-recognizable dome is made of golden brick. A number of famous Spanish personages are buried in the crypt, including composer Manuel de Falla.
The walls are made from the local coral stone that is found on the shoreline and if you go down to the crypt make sure you test the amazing acoustics!

Cádiz Cathedral crypt