The city of Dortmund has an interesting history which is filled with various traditions and cultural influences. Dortmund is a city dedicated to promoting the cultural arts, and prides itself on all of the various arts and music venues it offers its residents and tourists.

There are many historical museums in Dortmund which feature items of cultural significance. There are also several art galleries, concert halls, and locations where theatrical performances take place. Visitors to Dortmund can get a good feel for the city’s culture by attending one or many of the diverse cultural events that takes place here each week.

The city features a new concert theatre called the “Philarmonie für Westfalen,” a large library that contains more than one million items, community theatres, and stores that sell artwork created by local residents.

Any visitor to Dortmund who wants to experience the dedication to culture that the residents of this city have should attend an opera, a musical, a ballet or a theatrical performance while in town. There are likely to be tickets available for shows any day of the week. Attending an event is also a good form of entertainment at night. A performance can be preceded by a delicious meal at a local restaurant that features traditional food.