If you are arriving in Aachen by air you will have a few options.  The closest airport to the city is Maastrict Aachen, located about 15 miles away from Aachen in the neighboring Netherlands.  From this airport it is quite simple to rent a car and drive to Aachen.  Most major car rental agencies have offices at the airport.  Taxi and bus services are also available.  See the airport's website for all transportation options, directions and maps.

Also close to the city is Liege Airport, located about 20 miles away in nearby Belgium.  Rental cars, taxis and shuttles are also available from this airport.  Other airports which passengers could use to get to Aachen are Cologne/Bonn, about 35 miles away, and Dusseldorf International, about 40 miles away.  

In addition to flying, travelers can also get to Aachen by train from several other points in Germany and Europe, and by private coach.  See the links for more details.