The Shamrock is the oldest Irish Bar in Hamburg.  It's a lovely little place with a great atmosphere and really friendly bar staff.  If you're really lucky when you visit, you might meet the owner who is renound for his great story telling ability.  If you're coming to Hamburg to experience the Reeperbahn, the Shamrock is a great start to your night as the Reeps doesn't really get started until after midnight.

It's situated a stones throw away from the U-bahn FeldStrasse which is on the U3 line or alternatively you can catch the #3 bus which runs between the Rathaus Markt and somwhere a lot further in the other direction...!! - the point being that it drops you opposite the U-bahn station.  If you then head up FeldStrasse in the oposite direction to WalMart you'll find the Shamrock on the left hand side.  When you're ready to go to the Reeperbahn, there is a taxi rank just outside the bar on the other side of the road or i reckon if you've not been too larey all night, the bar staff will call you a one.

It's well worth a visit for a great Guinness and a quick game of darts.  They show all the major sports too.  It's always top of my list while I'm passing though HH and all the bar staff speak English too.