Weather-wise the best time to visit is during May and June, when sunny skies and comfortable temperatures coexist, and the water is warm enough for swimming. This is also a nice time because the resorts are not as crowded as they will later become, in, say, July and August. These summer months may be the time for the wildest parties, but they also bring the most scorching temperatures, the most expensive accommodations, and the most crowded beaches and discos.

If you can’t make it in the spring, consider waiting until September, when the crowds are starting to receded and the temperatures are beginning to drop. By late October and November the weather is a bit cooler, but many of the tourist spots close down as the owners and staff take a break for their own vacations.

Winter seems to bring in an older crowd who don’t mind going without the beach part of the vacation. Do some research before booking as the majority of attractions may be closed.