Lourdes is a very busy place, especially outside of the Domain, where there are many gift shops, when in these busy areas it is best to keep watch of your bags and valuable belongings at all times as there are people who will try to pickpocket you quite easily given the chance. It is best not to carry your valuable belongings with you and only take the amount of money you will need. Keep the rest in the hotel safe if possible, or locked in your suitcase people's money can go missing from their hotel rooms. This is, however, a rare occurance. 

There are also many beggers in Lourdes who you should be wary of, as some are not genuine.

At night it is best to walk in groups, whether you are male or female . This to make sure you are safe as there have been instances of people being attacked for their money, but again, this is a rare occurance and should not happen as long as you are careful and don't walk about on your own.

In this area of Lourdes and in many other parts of Lourdes there is a lot of traffic with cars and coaches. They have the right of way and will not stop to let you cross the road. You mainly have to step into the road to show that you are crossing it, and even then some transport will not stop. Also note that the traffic can change direction. This has normally been on the start of a new month so be cautious of this.  

Overall, Lourdes is a safe place to go and as long as you're aware, it should be a pleasant stay.