Reims is known as a "bourgeois" city and therefore, you can definitely expect some high quality shopping here. Among the major French department stores, there are also great boutiques and of course the Champagne houses. Leaving Champagne with bottles of the bubbly is the goal of many tourists who have come to Reims.

Galleries Lafayette is one of the best department stores in the world. Although it is best known for its Parisian location, the Reims store has a great offering of French style and goods as well. Galleries Lafayette and most other great boutiques are located near the Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims.

For a taste of the local culture and goods, check out the city market held on Wednesdays and Saturdays near the Porte de Mars. The market runs from early morning, around 7am until around 1pm.

As for Champagne, this is where the world's best comes from and you better believe you can buy some great bubbly here along with any accessories to accompany Champagne culture. The following Champagne houses offer not only tours, but great gift shops:

When strolling through the city center of Reims, you really cannot fail to do some quality shopping and the Champagne houses allow visitors to obtain treasured regional goods; the city is definitely a shopper's destination.