The French countryside is an effulgent region. There is a variety of woodlands, colorful flowers, plains, and natural water features. This scenery is spectacular through the frame of a car or train window.

The Parc de la Montagne de Reims and The Foret d'Orient Park are the largest recreation areas in Champagne-Ardenne. Parc de la Montagne is a 50,000 hectacre reserve. It consists of forests, agricultural villages, and hillsides. Local farmers work against the backdrop of natural scenery and wildlife.

The Foret d' Orient is slightly more remote than Parc de la Montagne. It was originally a refuge for the Knights Templar. Their former presence creates a distinct natural history and local heritage. Acquire information on the influence of the monks at the visitor's center near Troyes. Then, go hiking across more than 70,000 wooded acres.

Wind down from a day of hiking and swimming at Bourbonne-les-Bainsis. This is the premier spa resort in Champagne-Ardenne. The thermal mineral waters at Bourbonne-les-Bains  are naturally healing and therapeutic. Visitors can soak in the water or partake in a selection of rejuvenating spa services.

To see the region from a totally different perspective, take a hot air balloon ride over the countryside.

If you prefer to keep your activities a little closer to the ground go for a trailhike, or take a bikeride through the vineyards and stop for a winetasting.

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