Biarritz is located in the Basque country, which enjoys a mild, humid oceanic climate. Thanks to both the warm local currents and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, the weather tends to stay mild and temperate all year long. Rain seems to come most often in the spring and summer. While storms do not last long, they can be severe, dropping as much as an inch of rain an hour. Winter is the driest season, with long, dry, sunny periods being the norm. In fact, the highest temperatures often occur during the winter.

Average temperatures range from the low 70s (Fahrenheit) to the high 80s, depending on the ocean breezes and cloud cover. Temperatures almost never drop below 60 degree. High humidity levels do occur, but are countered by cool ocean breezes.

For time-specific weather reports for the Basque Country, check Meteo France.

When planning your trip, also keep in mind that May through June, and September through October are officially the peak tourist season around Biarritz, which means larger crowds and higher rates for accommodations.