It may be tempting to lounge around all day drinking Alsatian wine, but it’s easy and enjoyable to be active in Alsace. The fresh air that helps the grapes grow so well will also help improve your athletic abilities. If you are a “sit on the sidelines” type, the air will make watching sports more pleasant, too.

From castles to cathedrals, wineries to walking tours, there is so much to experience that you cannot go for just one day. First off, start by hiking around the Haut Koenigsbourg castle, one of the most popular attractions in Alsace which is known for its sheer size and medieval feel. If you hike around here, you will endure some of the most breathtaking views of Alsace.

If you are not much of an adventurer, Alsace still has a lot for you to do. You can hike the Vosges Massif or one of the 16,000 km of hiking paths. For the golfer in you, you can not only play on one of the 11 challenging courses, but enjoy the view while doing so. The Alsace region also offers ballooning, biking, cross country skiing, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, ice sports, rock climbing and more. 

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  • Watch the Tour de France: The first stage of the 2006 Tour took place entirely in Alsace, and the first and second stage towns are both in the region ( Strasbourg and Obernai). Whether or not you follow cycling, you’ll want to watch the Tour if you are in the area during the summer. Excitement is during these initial stages, and all of Alsace goes outside to watch the entrants zoom by.
  • Explore the Route du Vin : The route stretches from Strasbourg to Colmar and passes by several dozen villages and wineries. It is possible to take an extensive, weeklong bike tour of the Route, staying at hotels and eating at restaurants along the way, or simply hike some of the more scenic spots for a couple of hours. 
  • Exercise in Strasbourg’s Sports Club: Sports Clubs are a typically European institution, a combination gym and country club. The Bains municipaux in Stasbourg has tennis, squash and badminton courts available for free play and lessons.