Ireland isn’t just called “The Emerald Isle” because of the leprechauns. The countryside is emerald-green because of the huge amounts of rain the island gets. Wet winds from the Atlantic blanket the coasts and particularly the inland mountainous areas with precipitation.

Despite the rain, Ireland has generally mild temperatures, and Waterford has especially pleasant weather. Located on the south coast, near the Gulf Stream, it has warmer average temperatures than the north or western coasts. From June through August, temperatures often hover well above 15 degrees Celsius, and the little rain that does occur is warm and sometimes in the form of brief afternoon thunderstorms. The other months are wetter but it never gets truly cold until the middle of winter, when temperatures get as low as one degree Celsius and frost sometimes forms. Snow falls regularly only in the mountains, so even in the coldest month of February the weather in Waterford is manageable.

When to visit, then, is truly a matter of personal preference. Summertime is lovely in Ireland, and Waterford hasn’t yet become quite so crammed with tourists like Dublin or other capitals of Europe. However, visiting during the academic year means more local university students will be in town and you may enjoy a more authentic experience.

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