A somewhat overlooked part of the dining culture in Ireland is a good cup of coffee, there is no better way to start off your day, weekend or break in Ireland, than a good cup of coffee.  

   Ireland is always seen primarily as a tea drinking culture, but really underneath that facade, it's coffee the Irish really crave.   So where in Cork then can one indulge in a prediliction for caffeine?


Fast Coffee:  (Familar Brands, standard choices, savoury and sweet options available)

Gloria Jean's - Those with a sweet tooth and like the Java scene this is the place for you; now on the Grande Parade as well as Patrick Street, can be busy and close early, prices are slightly higher than smaller cafés.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Mahon point, a bit of a trek.

Costa - Douglas Shopping Centre, nice coffee, less busy than most places, therefore a bit more relaxing, usually plenty of seats. 

Starbucks -  There is one in Cork airport, not the most convenient location, but if you love it, it's there.   Also, little known to the natives, University College Cork's Coffee Dock serve Starbuck's Coffee.   It's not far from the city, and can be a quiet spot at the weekend or summer time.  

Insomnia - off Paul Street, the location is nice and quiet, bit quirkier than rest, some sweet choices to go with it, but seating is sparse.


Coffee Bar:  (Something different, quality and original choices, seating limited)

Cork Coffee Roasters -  Slightly out of the main area of Cork, just on corner with MacCurtain Street, space is limited, but coffee is very good.

O'Conaills Chocolate Shop - Located on French Church Street, very close to the city centre. Great coffee and even better chocolate. Plenty of seating available both upstairs and downstairs and a very frienfdly staff

Café:   (Lunch options available, cakes at the ready, coffee to sit and enjoy)

Crawford Art Gallery -  Whether visiting the gallery or having a day in town, this is a nice little spot to take a break away for coffee. 

Jam - at Kinsale Road, having a nice selection of options, and a quiet setting, a bit out of town though. 


Coffee and Cake:  (Places to enjoy and indulge, caffeine and sugar options)

Lafayette's - Nice setting, on south mall, open until 7pm during weekdays, prices are high though.

Butlers - chocolate shop, with coffee and cakes available, good location, but very very limited seating, quiet time essential.


Late Options:  (Coffee and something light available late into the evening, for night owls and meeting friends)

Wilton Café - formerly Mojoe's, no longer open late, only until 8pm, same location, new decor, yet to be seen whether it will live up to the old reputation for good coffee, service and a place for night owls. 

Scoozies - off Winthrup street, has very appealling desserts available and outdoor seating, coffee isn't it's speciality though, go for the location and late evening availability.

Luigi Malones - Serves a very nice coffee, desserts available, across from Opera House, and outdoor seating available.

Espresso -  for those in desperate need of that late cup of coffee, the Topaz station on the Carrigrohane Road offers late night self-service coffee with indoor and outdoor seating.   The location isn't ideal but the coffee isn't bad and the opening hours are very handy.