Welcome to Rebel county, better known as the People's Republic of Cork! Here, people like to distinguish themselves from the rest of Ireland and you'll surely feel their tense rivalry with Dublin.

Cork is the capital of the province of Munster, and as such, it has a lot to offer to residents and tourists. It's a city well-known for its dining scene, its food market and the shopping areas. There's also a big art scene. Still, for many visitors it's just quiet and gray with a lot of bad traffic. The quiet is the combination of a city-life in a rural setting which can be an attraction on its own. The scenery is peaceful, downtown is walkable.

In 2005, Cork was named the European Capital of Culture and received considerable media coverage and a big boost in tourism. This was a great opportunity for the city to show-off all that it has to offer, and to attract many famous exhibits. 

Writers Sean O'Faolain, who wrote short stories tackling Irish social issues, and Frank O'Connor, who explored personal experiences in Ireland, both lived here.

Sports are also a big part of local culture: hurling is an old traditional sport that Cork excells at!