A Clubber's Guide - Ayr

moneysaving tip: check out the nightclubs websites for free guest passes and deals 

You don't have to go all the way to Glasgow to go pubbing and clubbing at the weekend.  Ayr doesn't have quite the big city vibe that Glasgow has, but it tries hard.

Weekends are particularly popular, especially since the SafeAyr initiative came into being a few years ago. Aimed at getting people home safe from Ayr after a night out, there are Taxi marshalls, police and security on hand to help out, and smooth the way:


Pre-Club drinks: 


There are a number of pubs that tend to attract the pre-nightclub crowd earlier in the evening. They include:

The Malt Cross, bottom of the Sandgate - cheap and cheerful drinks and food

The Smiths, Dalblair Road next to the Ramada Jarvis Hotel 

The Treehouse at the top of the Sandgate near the bus station

The West Kirk (cheap and cheerful Wetherspoons) at the top of the sandgate opposite the Treehouse:


The Twa Dugs at Burns Statue Square near the Meridian Bar, also popular for the sporting crowd (has big screen for sports) 

O'Briens at Burns Statue Square opposite the Station Hotel. Lively Irish pub with music.

Boswells (eat and drink) at Boswell Park behind the Gaiety Theatre, close to Club de Mar

Macarthurs Bar (ad eats) at Arthur Street by Club de Mar



Madisons, Carrick Street alongside Argos and Kyle Centre. Popular with a youbger crowd. Open most nights:


Harleys,Nile Court behind Lloyds TSB off the high street - more of a studenty place for cheap and cheerful socialising and live music/gigs: 

Furry Murrys, at Harleys in Nile Court. Attracts a younger crowd and students. Competition nights etc. Not a sophisticated place but friendly vibe: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Membe...

Club de Mar, Arthur Street. Loved and loathed in equal measure, yet extremely popular and a safe reputation. Bouncers very strict. Occasional live music and new band nights, mainly DJ nights:


The Ark, at the Citadel Leisure Centre. Club nights and live bands for school teens. Very popular alcohol free and safe environment:




The Market Inn by the Station Hotel at top of town. Not a nightclub at all, but is poineering live music in Ayr so deserves an honorary mention! 


The Burrowfields Bar, Parkhouse Street. Again not a nightclub but a popular live music venue.

 Soundcheck Events Ayr. Again not a nightclub, but a couple of enthusiastic students from the University who promote live music/club nights in Ayr at various venues including Club De Mar and Market Inn. Their website will keep you updated as to what's on!