Though the Scottish Highlands cover a lot of land, as well as numerous town and cities, you can generally do some good shopping if you are looking for certain things in particular. Often times, tourists will want to buy traditional Scottish goods as souvenirs. These goods include things like bagpipes, kilts, and other assorted goods. You can often find these things in many shops throughout the region, but you will often have to pay a lot of money for them. If you are looking for art, you will be able to find some very nice paintings or other works in the Highlands. Because of the beauty, there are many artists in the area, and the pictures from the scenery are simply stunning. You can also buy a lot of Scottish music. Though there aren't huge music shops, you can go to local stores and buy cds from local recording artists or other bands that play in the area. If you go to a larger city like Iverness, you will find malls and larger stores. However, if you are in a smaller town, there will only be small, family-owned shops. These shops will often give you good deals on the goods they sell. You can also buy small souvenirs at many shops. These souvenirs include keychains, shot glasses, and t-shirts.