The Witchery is a special place for a special event.  It is located in an alley near the Edinburgh Castle and it is full of charm.  The food is quite good but you must be prepared for a large check at the end of dinner.  If you are looking for that special place to take a special someone, it will be worth it.

Jacksons Restaurant, on the 'Historic Mile', features Scottish cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. 


Oloroso restaurant, Probably the best location in Edinburgh. The view over the rooftops to the Pentland Hills in the south and over the Forth to Fife in the North is simply breathtaking and the main event he castle so close you could reach out and touch it. Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and service was excellent. The  attentive staff, incredible food, romantic setting, again the  view over the city ... All of the high quality food was well prepared with great presentation. Dinner at Oloroso was a highlight of the visit to Edinburgh.