Salisbury has a good public transportation system that connects it to several towns and other locations in surrounding areas. Consisting mainly of buses, the system runs throughout the city and runs to important locations in and around town, as well as most of the popular hot spots that many visitors go to, such as Stonehenge, Bournemouth, Southampton, Shaftesbury, Dorchester and Weymouth.  Generally, the buses aren't too crowded and you will have no problem getting a ticket (buy it from the driver)

The prices for the tickets are not too expensive, but because the British pound is worth more than the dollar, you will end up spending a lot of money if you continue to use it. However, it is your best option if you are going to be staying in the city for a while because taxis will also be expensive, and sometimes you need to take a bus to get to certain places.  Most visitors buy an Explorer ticket which costs about £7.50 and gives one day's unlimited travel on the buses of the Wilts & Dorset Bus Company who run the majority of buses in that area

There aren't any subways in Salisbury, but there is a train station for regular commuter rails to other towns and long distance trains that run throughout the country as well. The prices for the commuter rails are a bit more expensive, and unless you are going somewhere far away, it isn't really worth taking it. Another nice thing about the public transportation system in Salisbury is that there are five park and ride locations, so you can just park your car and then ride on the buses to save gas, time, and money.

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