The sport most frequently enjoyed by Leeds visitors is golf.   There are numerous golf courses to be enjoyed by Leeds visitors, each offering something a bit different from the others so that experiencing more than one of them only adds to the fun of a Leeds vacation.   There are twelve major golf courses which travelers may consider enjoying.   A list of all of them, along with their locations and some additional information is available at .   As well as all the golf courses mentioned here, there are several municipal golf courses within the city; a comprehensive list of all golf courses in the area is available at .   The most popular of these golf courses is widely considered to be the Sand Moor Golf Club ( ) which is conveniently located near downtown Leeds.
Travelers interested in other outdoor sporting activities in Leeds may wish to consider horseback riding, tennis, or cricket.   Joggers can check out the Meanwood Valley Urban Trail ( ).   Various sports clubs which may have fees but may also have special events or special rates for travelers can be located online at .   Fans of indoor sporting activities should explore their options at the Waterfall Spa, where they can relax after activity with a massage.   This may be a wise option during the rainy days of a Leeds vacation (more information about Leeds weather available at ).