Birmingham may once have been known as a "concrete jungle", however, there are some fine buildings in and around Birmingham, and time spent exploring the city's buildings can be very worthwhile.

Compared to many UK cities (York, Canterbury, Chester etc) Birmingham is a fairly new city, growing rapidly during the industrial revolution with the building of the canal network, which congregated in Birmingham,  It was also mainly an industrial city, and was called the "city of a thousand trades" for a while.

Of course being an industrial city it did suffer extensive bombing during the Second World War, and also had some insensitive redevelopment during the 1960s and 1970s, when many fine buildings were demolished and areas cleared, to make way for ring roads and dual carriageways.

However this has still left some fine buildings and pleasant areas.      

There is an excellent Wikipedia article available on the "Architecture of Birmingham"   

This article will be expanded as time permits, but some of the main buildings of interest in Birmingham include:

Blakesly Hall 

The Council House / Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Town Hall



 The Library of Birmingham 

Existing 1970s library

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Victoria Law Courts

Aston Hall

Bournville (Victorian planned community)