This lovely old ship leaves from and visits different ports in the Bristol Channel including the Avon Gorge so plenty of opportunity to take a trip on her.

The boat is a heritage vessel with a great history in the UK, a member of the National Historic Fleet and the last of her kind and maintained with the help of a number of dedicated volunteers who also help on board during sailings and they mixed with the passengers and gave any information required about the cruise or the history of the boat.

 Sailings 2016

Sailings are dictated by the tides and weather conditions, they can be disrupted by bad weather especially with the landing at Lundy so it is wise to keep checking the Metrological Office site for this. In the case of sever bad weather the sailing maybe cancelled altogether and checking online before leaving, on the Captains Blog on the website (top right) will alert you to this.

If you have already paid on line a telephone call will be made to you. Refund or transfer to next sailing will be your choice.

There is a cafe, lounge, bar and souvenir shop with quality items of both use and ornament all items are at reasonable prices.

You can book online or wait and pay on the ship during sailing. Due to the difficulty in getting a signal for card machines, if you want to pay on board it is advised to pay cash. Similarly with food and drink unless it is a large quantity and you are prepared to wait with your card for a signal it is best to use cash.

If you ask very nicely you may find you can go briefly to the Bridge where you can see the operation of the vessel.  There is a commentary when necessary of any notable landmarks as you sail by them which is interesting.

Various seating inside and out. Most people like to view from the deck where you can sit on wooden slatted benches or plastic chairs. Take sensible shoes to stay stable and something warm to wear on board as out at sea it can be very chilly even on a hot day.

The ship is looking grand with it's refurbishment but it is a heritage vessel and a grand old lady with a steam funnel. You can see below decks and the workings from viewing windows below the main deck

If mobility is a problem it may be wise to contact to discuss this as access is by gang plank, comfortable enough to walk on but of limited width and deeply ridged. It can also get crowded on deck at times. Toilets are down stairs.

Dogs are not allowed except for Assistance dogs. Please contact the company for information.

You may be joined briefly by a pod of dolphins riding the wash at the back.