The first thing to know about this relatively young garden is that its name is slightly misleading - if you drive to East Ruston you'll find yourself a few miles to the West of the attraction which is much closer to the coast (1.5 miles).  However, the welcoming hosts at the local pub in East Ruston are very much accustomed to people asking for directions.

As mentioned, it's a young and developing garden, still in the course of being extended and developed, but it's already quite impressive.  The whole feeling is of a set of garden "rooms", smaller closer to the house and becoming more extensive as you head away from it.   The areas closest to the house are the more established and to date probably the most impressive, with dramatic yet intimate plantings and a varied but fitting selection of sculptures which enhance the quirky yet tranquil mood the gardens elicit.

The overall impression which is retained after visiting is of magnificent use of colour and form, of foliage plants as well as of flora, supported by a mixture of formality and informality that provides much variety.   Despite the many different styles (from desert garden to vegetable garden to cottage garden) there is a coherence of structure which makes for a fascinating and relaxing visit.

There is a smallish tearoom and the other usual facilities, and the location is within easy reach of the Broads.