The city of Cambridge has a couple of informative web pages. It would be immensely useful to scan the official Cambridge Area Guide before your visit; the site contains straightforward, no-frills listings of all the possible places to shop, eat, and stay overnight, as well as links to assist you in making reservations.

The Cambridge Tourist Information Centre is located on Peas Hill. It’s open Monday-Saturdays from 10 AM-5 PM and is also open on Sundays and Bank Holidays from  April to October 11:00 AM-3:00 PM.

The Centre offers official guided tours of the University and its component colleges - you can buy tickets there or online at the Tourist Information website.

They also offer discounted punting tours (£4 off each adult or concessionary ticket) so buy your tickets at the counter or online at Tourist Information website.

 If you are planning to visit Cambridge with a group of 10 or more visitors, the Tourist Information Centre can give you advice and guidance on 08712268006 or you can get in touch with Andrew Palmer by email at

 If you’re a lost traveler looking for a little more guidance, try , which provides detailed maps of every location it reviews. It’s also a good place to pick up special-interest brochures, postcards, and basic souvenirs. If you wish to contact the Centre before you arrive in Cambridge, e-mail

The Cambridge City Council also has an informative web site. The Council provides information about local issues that are often quite relevant to tourists, and offers online links to maps.

Here is the link to: Enjoy England Tourism - Cambridgeshire & Cambridge