Crawford Bay is a small community consisting of a small general store (with a gas pump), a golf club, a couple of B&B's and the Kokanee Chalets campground and cabins.  There are a few artistic outlets in the area as well.  It is about 6 km south of the east terminus of the Kooteny Bay Ferry.

As an example of the artisans in the area, there is the North Woven Broom Company. These folks make brooms of  untreated broomcorn (sorghum), woven similarly to the one might expect the local witch to fly on. North Woven Broom Company

 Another artisan is the Kootenay Forge Company. These artisans are blacksmoiths, hand making metal items, like lamps, fireplace sets, quiilt stands and the like. Kootenay Forge

Then there is Barefoot Handweaving.  As might be expected from the name, these folks make hand woven products like wraps, shawls, throws and other products from the hand woven yarns. Barefoot Handweaving

A fantastic leathersmith has joined the community, making Celtic, Viking, Steampunk and Gothic armour, hats, and other accessories as well as carving and decorating drinking horns, making jewelry, jewelry boxes and castle (home) decor.  Come see dragons and fairies too at   Celts and Vikings!