Many a visitor come to Québec (the city and the province) during the fall to witness the sheer beauty of the spectacular changes in foliage that occur every year.

Although there are some yearly variations and differences in timing due to location, the last week of September and the 1st week of October generally are the 2 safest bets when it comes to choosing the time to come. Bear in mind that the trees do not change all at once, all through the province: there are areas where the scenery will look like a gigantic coloured tapestry, areas where it will look more like a patchwork, due to the presence of evergreens among deciduous trees, and areas where the colors will look more faded out when you happen to come while at the very same time flaming reds and oranges could be seen elsewhere. 

A short while before your arrival, post a query on the forum of the city/area you are about to visit: locals will be glad to inform you and their advice is likely to assist you in your decision-making (itinerary, timing, etc.).

Here are some posts related to suggestion of road trips, or: "How to make the most out of my autumn experience in/around Québec City?". Advice from posters who know better about such road trips in other areas of the province is more than welcome.


If you would like to enjoy the sight of the fall colors when you come to Québec City, but are somewhat limited in the time/distance needed to see much, here are some suggestions of locations in a nearer vicinity:



In town:

Out of town:



Reach the south shore either by

  • taking the ferry to Lévis (10 minutes crossing, every 20 or 30 minutes during the day) and follow the river while driving east for 1 hour, until you reach the city of Montmagny OR
  • driving (hwy # 73 south through 'Pont Laporte' bridge, hwy # 20 east direction 'Riv-du-Loup', exit at 'Lévis Centre-Ville', stay in the right lane, turn left at the 2nd set of lights, then turn right at the following set of lights): drive on hwy # 132 (2-lanes) - admire the north shore, a glimpse at the rural setting of Bellechasse county and the amazing sight of Orléans Island with the Laurentian mountains in the background

40 minutes' drive from Québec City to the west, lies the very pretty Domaine Joly de Lotbinière  park (1,5 mile of hiking trails, 2 miles of river front) - cross the river, drive on hwy # 20 west, heading for Montreal, exit at # 278 'Laurier Station' see map here

 Useful links:

Map and links to the 21 touristic regions  of the province of Québec.