As with most historic reconstructions, the National Historic Site at Annapolis Royal allows you to see, first hand, the physical context in which the people lived in the late 17th Century.  Of itself, this is a great reason to go, and also to go to the nearby Melanson farmsite.  However, the experience is limited, as with most of these sites, if you do not take the time to speak with and mine the expertise of the interpretive staff on site. 

The onsite staff  is able to relate the history, not only of Port-Royale, but to tell of the family's history, from life on the nearby farm (mentioned above), through the Grand Derangement, and through to the family's return to the area.  As always, the human dynamic is the most interesting and informative.

If in the area this is a must do. 

Port-Royal is intimately connected to the Fort Anne National Historic site in Annapolis Royal.  See the excellent inside guide for that Historic Site.