Traveling anywhere in Canada , including Saint John , should be relatively safe. Overall, the entire country has a fairly low crime rate. Most crimes, when they do happen, are most frequent in the country’s largest cities.

Canada has a very good health care system, and each Canadian province runs its own division. Tourists who live in New Brunswick but are planning a vacation in Saint John do not have to worry about medical insurance in case of an emergency. However, any tourist or visitor to Saint John who is not a resident of New Brunswick must be prepared to pay for any medical services received. Many private insurance companies will reimburse people for medical expenses, but that has to be dealt with on an individual basis.

In terms of driving while in Saint John, the road conditions should be comparable to those in the United States. Saint John does take good care of its roads and maintains streets and highways in terms of lighting and repairs. The most obvious difference between driving in Canada and driving in the United States is that in Canada the speed limit signs are in kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour.