One thoroughly recommended restaurant is Diva at the Met (Metropolitan Hotel).  Expensive but excellent.  Great service, but not a place if you are in a hurry.

Tapas restaurants Bin 941 and Bin 942 are ideal if you want a small meal for a couple of people or want to share a large variety of dishes with many people. Single diners at Bin 941 may want to request a seat at the bar by the kitchen; you’ll get a great view of the cooking and plating process. The food is terrific and the ambience is lively.

For grabbing lunch on the go, try Capers Community Market .  They have a wide assortment of sandwiches made, or they will make your sandwich to order.  You can grab some side dishes too.  It is less expensive than a sit down place and absolutely outstanding. Build a picnic from their goodies as well as others from the Granville market, pick out a log at English Bay, and you'll have one of your best Vancouver dining experiences. Fabulous view, great people watching and an economical alternative to pricey Vancouver restaurants.Try the fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich on focaccia.

Try the  C Restaurant , which specializes in fish.   Make reservations as it can be difficult to get in if you walk up.  The food is fresh, tasty and perfectly prepared.   The crackers are excellent. Make sure you try some when they bring the bread tray around.   The “Dessert Taster Box” allows you to try several desserts without getting too full.   

If you're craving pizza or pasta, Incendio Pizzeria in Gastown fills the bill nicely. Their wood-fired, thin crust pizzas are delicious, as are the salads and mussels.  Prices are reasonable, the wait staff very pleasant and efficient and the atmosphere fun. Great for families, teens, singles, anyone.

For a different dining experience, try the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts at the entrance to Granville Island. On Mondays, the three-course lunches are two for the price of one, about $23. It's a pleasant atmosphere with a view of a small harbor and the wait staff is eager culinary students. The menu changes daily and they may run out  of a menu item and make a substitution. They emphasize presentation and the salads and desserts are especially yummy. Reservations are a must! You might want to make an early lunch reservation; they sometimes run out of an item by 1:00.


An extensive restaurant listing, complete with reviews, are available in Tourism Vancouver's Dine section