Canada is a country as diverse in culture as it is immense in size. Multiculturalism is a cherished attribute of Canada, and is reflected in the many distinctive communities across the country. French and English are the two official languages and are most commonly spoken in Canada, although there are also a multitude of languages spoken by aboriginal peoples and communities of immigrants from diverse origins. The infusion of traditions from a wide variety of ethnic communities combined with a neighborly attitude makes Canada a vibrant destination for travel.

Renowned for its physical beauty, Canada has a vast and widely varied terrain. From the beaches of the west coast to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, to bustling metropolitan cities or quiet provincial towns with warm people, there is something to offer almost any visitor. For the mountain adventurer, the peaks of the Rockies offer many opportunities for skiing, hiking, cycling and climbing. Those who want a relaxing stay along the beach can find a sunny spot along the Pacific coast or at one of the many large lakes across the country. Travelers looking for world-class cities can visit Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, and those with a taste for the small town life can visit any number of villages in the Maritime provinces or in Quebec where you may even sample some freshly tapped maple syrup!

Its northern climate makes Canada most favorable in summer, unless you intend to partake in winter activities such as skiing or snowshoeing. Summer tourist season runs between May and September or October for most locations, but there are many activities to enjoy in the spring and fall as well.

Its Immense Size

As Canada is such a large country, you will need to consider the distances between cities.  In St. John's Newfoundland, you are closer to London England than you are to Vancouver, BC!  Listed below are the approximate distances between some of the larger cities.

Quebec City to Montreal 157 miles / 253 km

Montreal to Ottawa 123 miles / 200 km

Ottawa to Toronto 281 miles / 452 km

Toronto to Winnipeg 1222 miles / 1967 km

Winnipeg to Calgary 828 miles / 1332 km

Calgary to Vancouver 611 miles / 983 km

Did You Know ?

Canada is;

  • approximately 9,984,670 sq. km / 3,855,103 sq mi.
  • comprised of six time zones.
  • over 8,850 km / 5,500 miles wide, from Atlantic to Pacific coasts.
  • more than 3 times the size of India .
  • more than 18 times the size of France .
  • almost 20 times the size of Spain .
  • almost 28 times the size of Germany .
  • almost 41 times the size of the UK .
  • more than 142 times the size of Ireland