Be sure you book a hotel or resort with the amenities you're seeking and the location that works best for your travel style.  For example, some places have activities during the day and shows at night, but some don't.  Ask the hotel directly if you want entertainment or not before booking a package or booking the hotel.  Read the hotel reviews to get more information about the atmosphere around the hotel, the quality or variety of food on-site, and other features. Ask on the Cabo forum for more details.

Hotels may or may not have a concierge employed by the hotel. Many sales people sit in the lobby selling their company's tours, products, or time shares.  Be aware of who is actually assisting you with your questions.

The local "colectivo" bus is cheap and can transport you to many destinations.  People are very warm and friendly and helpful.

If you want to do some fun activities, there are salesmen will try to rope you in to listening to time share presentations for half a day just to get an activity for free. It may not worth your time. You can go directly to the source, the people who own the boats and activity equipment and just pay them directly, rather than have to waste any of your vacation time stuck in a presentation.  To save money on some activities, read this page about Discounts

Dining suggestions can be gleaned from TripAdvisor reviews, suggestions from other travelers, forum conversations, or   Venture off the main streets to experience more. 

Don't be scared to go off the beaten path, remember you can always ask for Agua purificada for clean water.  Take a bottle of water with you and get out of the hotel and enjoy meeting the locals.