Mexico is a great place to shop. From upscale boutiques and large commercial centers to colorful street markets full of handcrafted goods and local food specialties, the options are endless. In most cases, the exchange rate is quite favorable and there is a significant amount of duty-free spending one can do while in Mexico. For currency conversions visit In street markets be sure to have cash. In major department and tourist stores, most credit cards are accepted.

For starters you can buy some incredible tequila and liquors in Mexico. Flavored liquors of mango, coffee, almond, and more are popular choices as well as high quality tequilas.

Shopping for jewelry is a popular choice because of the incredible gems and bargain prices. Gold and silver are also very popular and you can find these items at barter-prices in the city markets or at luxurious jewelry stores. Other Mexican specialties to shop for include leather, glass and pottery work.

Mexico City is enormous and therefore stocked with shopping opportunities. Two of the large shopping centers you may want to visit are El Palacio de Hierro and Bazar del Centro.

For more information on shopping in partiuclar cities of Mexico visit this webpage dedicated to help you shop all over the country!