Chili's Pepper Restaurant -  This is a great restaurant that is right on the beach in the north Golden Zone, just south of Oceano Palace Hotel..  During the daytime, there are tables right on the sand.   Get one of the tables along the back that overlook the beach in the evening.  You are able to watch the waves and catch the breezes.  The lobster and shrimp combo for two is delicious.  Freddie, Dago and Alberto (AKA Grandpa) take good care of their customers. 

Hotel Playa Mazatlan - Located in the historic Hotel Playa.  Also situated right on the beach, you can watch the beach vendors work their majic.  In the evening you can watch the sun go down.  Good food, live music, excellent service. 

Los Palomas (At the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan) - A lovely terrace with a Mexican menu.  Casual atmosphere, great food, great service. 

The Sheik - Positively the best view in Mazatlan.  Located at the end of the Golder Zone. If you choose to sit on the wraparound porch you can watch the sun go down over the waves.  Excellent service as well. 

Olas Altas Steakhouse in Centro Historico has one of the best views in Mazatlan.  Olas Altas Steakhouse no longer exists.  There is a restaurant called BOOA in this great location and building, with the same great patio view to the ocean.   BOOA is said to mean "Best of Olas Altas"

La Fonda at Villas El Rancho - located directly on Cerritos beach just north of the marina. Beautiful view, especially since the restaurant is built on stilts to provide an elevated view. Mexican and seafood cuisine. Also see TA reviews