If you are flying into Mazatlan and in particular, staying in or near the Golden Zone, you will be approached by many timeshare salesmen/saleswomen.  They are in the airport, on the street, in the hotels, in the grocery stores, and in the restaurants (many are employees of the restaurants).  They often begin the conversation by asking if you need any information.  They are paid to get you to attend a timeshare presentation and will offer enticements to get you to do so (e.g. free cab rides, gift vouchers, free activities, gifts, cash, etc.).  The promise is a presentation of only 90 minutes.  These salespeople are VERY persistant.  Most do not accept "No Thank You" and will continue to pressure you to accept their invitation.  The best response, if you do not wish to accept their offer, is to ignore them and keep walking.

The presentations never end in 90 minutes.  Most last 2-4 hours.  (You have the right to terminate your participation in the presentation after 90 minutes and still receive your promised enticements.)   The presentations normally include a breakfast or lunch, a tour of the facilities, and the sit down sales pitch.  Your salesperson, if unable to convince you to buy, will eventually introduce another salesperson to give another sales pitch.  In some cases, there may be a third person introduced (under the guise of a customer satisfaction survey) to give a final sales pitch.  Sales pressure will range from moderate to high depending upon the resort and the particular sales person.  The timeshare companies know that some people will get so frustrated, they will leave before getting the "free gift."

If you are genuinely interested in learning about a particular resort or timeshares in general, the presentations will be informative.  If you are just interested in the enticements, be prepared.  The presentations are time consuming and unless you have the right personality, you will be subject to some stress.

NB:  I've found that butchering my high school German mixed well with a made-up language such as the Swedish chef used on the Muppet Show gets me past the TS people pretty quickly.  "Ja Ja.  Wir mit der yellow donkey.  I have ein weinerschnitzel mit salat uber alles.  Don't cha know?  Und!!!  bitte laven de lassen lange!"  While my wife is tugging on my arm and they are moving on to a more sane person.