Los Cabos is made up of the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.  The first of the two towns was founded in the mid-16th Century by Spanish navigatior, Francisco de Ulloa, who had once worked for Hernan Cortez.  Cabo San Lucas, because of its location, was constantly under attack by pirates, and was slow to grow and prosper.  Los Cabos' second town, San José del Cabo, was founded in the mid-18th Century by Jesuits as a Catholic mission. 

The area was largely uninhabited and undeveloped until the middle of the 20th Century when the first luxury resorts and vacation homes began to be built there.  The ocean surrounding Los Cabos, the Sea of Cortez, is also today of great interest to marine biologists who consider it to be one of the most diverse and richest ocean environments on the planet.  The Sea is home to whales, several species of birds, and literally hundreds of types of fish, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. 

There is a strong effort put forth by the Mexican government and environmentalists to preserve and protect the wild areas surrounding Los Cabos.  Travelers who are interested in experiencing the area's wildlife will find many ecotourism excursions available in the area.