Anybody planning a trip to Paradise Island , or to any other island in the Bahamas , does not need to be overly concerned about their safety. The Bahamian government does everything possible to ensure the safety of all tourists, and has police on duty at all times to help prevent any sort of mishap from occurring. With all of the security, crime can be kept to a minimum.

In any case, if there is an emergency on Paradise Island , services can be accessed by dialing “919” from any local phone. The police department, fire department, and ambulances can be summoned this way.

There are many health-related facilities on the Island , as well as pharmacies, which can assist anyone visiting the area that is in need of any sort of medical attention. Most of the hotels and resorts on the island also have doctors who have been medically trained in the United States on the hotel’s premises at all times.

For anyone feeling as if they need medical attention while on the island, and there is not a doctor on staff at the hotel being visited, there are many government medical clinics, medical centers, and hospitals that can be visited. Some have specific hours of operations, but others are open 24-hours-per day.