To get better acquainted with Bahamian life, try People-to-People program. Organized by the Ministry of Tourism, this year-round program enables visitors to experience Bahamian culture in an amiable and personal way. Visitors are matched with volunteers who introduce them to the everyday life in Nassau. Volunteers may invite visitors to their homes to talk or have typical Bahamian meal, or can take visitors to a civic or social clubs, a a church service or sports event. or see the sights from a local point of view.

From high school students to professionals, volunteers make the experience of the visitor more real and local and less tourist and superficial. The exchange between both parties is easy as the program matches locals with visitors of similar age and profession. Visitors can feel safe that they won't be scammed as residents are screened to meet eligibility standards.

There are some structured activities part of this program. One of the most popular ones is

the monthly Tea Party . On the last Friday from January to August, the wife of the Governor General of Bahamas opens the Governor House for this tea (that it is from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., of course). Two hundred guests attend and it is a delicatessen that the visitor, no matter he/she is in the people-to-People, don’t want to miss.

If you would like to take a chance with the People-to-People Program, you need to complete the form for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism at at least three weeks in advance of your visit. The Ministry of Tourism will make the necessary arrangements and you will be contacted to let you know of your match.

If you are already in Nassau, go to one of the Tourist Information Centers, or contact them by phone 242-356-0435/7/8 or by fax 242-356-0434.