If you are traveling from the United States to the Bahamas you need either a passport (or expired Passport up to 5 years) or an original birth certificate with raised seal, along with your photo ID.  Copies of birth certificates are not accepted.  Important! By January 8, 2007 all air travel from the United States into the Bahamas will require a passport in order to enter or re-enter the United States, according to the State Department.  

Married women traveling with a Birth Certificate and Photo ID with different names (maiden name) must bring along a copy of the marriage certificate showing the name change. 

Your tickets must reflect the name on your ID's.   If you use nick names or middle names on one ID, the tickets must reflect the same.

When traveling as a single parent, or with someone elses children in tow, you must not only have these documents, but also a notarized letter from the non-custodial parent giving permission to take the child out of the country.  A letter giving permission for medical care is also advisable.

Check the government websites for up to the minute information regarding passports and visas.