Taxis and rental cars are both good forms of transportation for people visiting the island of Bequia.

            Taxis are available on the island of Bequia, but are not the same yellow cars that many people are used to.  Instead, the taxis on the island are pickup trucks with covers over the back.  Bench seats line the bed of the truck, and these taxis can take numerous passengers at one time.  There are multiptle taxi companies around the island.  The best way to get a ride is to call one of the companies ahead of time to arrange for a pickup.  Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will be happy to make this call for their customers.  Fares are determined by destination and are standard in all taxis. A list of these can be found at the Tourism Association office. 

            There are numerous rental car companies around the island of Bequia.  However, before deciding to get behind the wheel of a vehicle on the island, note that driving permits are required for visitors on the island.   Jeeps are popular vehicles to rent, as they allow exploration of roads that cars can’t drive on.