There are the usual tourist "traps" on Grand Cayman Island, most  worth the hype, some not. Taking the road less traveled has its rewards for those willing to venture beyond the well-known attractions.

Cemetery Beach is a short drive north from Seven Mile Beach, but is quiet and secluded. An interesting thing about the island cemeteries is that they are often located on a beach. This tradition seems to stem from early superstitions about ghosts, and not wanting them to "mix" with living souls. While the location of the cemeteries are an oddity to many, they still deserve the respect and deference of visitors, who are often requested (by posted signs) to keep a respectful distance.

The Calypso Grill is a neat little out-of-the-way cafe to be found at Morgan's Harbor on Grand Cayman's West Bay. Boasting "fresh fish, great bar, and wild parrots," it has a wide deck that overlooks the harbor.   

"Off the beaten path" can also be translated "off-season travel" to the Cayman Islands, and that would be during the sumer months. May - September is a great time for a trip here, for obvious reasons: the majority of tourists are back home, driving to work or picking up their kids at school or daycamp, dreaming of that "trip last summer" to Seven Mile Beach, heaving wistful sighs. In the summer months, the white sand beaches of Grand Cayman Island are wide and often deserted, waiting for you to plant your bare feet in them and feel the velvety sand between your toes.