Many travelers enjoy spending a portion of their vacation shopping.  This is even more true of Grand Cayman visitors than it is of visitors traveling to other parts of the world.  What makes Grand Cayman such a popular shopping destination?  It could be the fact that many stores are located close to one another, so shopping is convenient.  Or it could be the fact that the local handicrafts of Grand Cayman are high in quality and fashionable in style. But it probably has a lot to do with the fact that shopping in Grand Cayman is duty-free, which means that visitors can pick up expensive and name-brand items at a price much lower than the price at which they could obtain the same items back at home.

Some of the local stores that visitors may want to make sure to check out include:

  • Cardinal Avenue – This is the main shopping center in George Town.  Information on other Grand Cayman shopping center is located at .
  • Farmer’s Market Coop – This is the place to go to get local foods.
  • Frankie’s Fresh Fruits and Juices – Meet the locals and buy fresh jams, jellies and sauces at the same time.
  • Puro Rey ( – Grand Cayman is located not too far from Cuba and visitors can go here to get those famous Cuban cigars.
  • Tortuga Rum Company – This shop offers ten different blends of rum, gourmet rum-infused foods, and free samples of Tortuga Rum Cake.
  • Pure Art Gallery & Gifts-Located one mile south of George Town in a charming Cayman cottage. Pure Art is a treasure trove of handcrafted unique Cayman gifts and collectables , fine art by local artists, and tasteful souvenirs.  For over 27 years shoppers have collected local paintings, prints, caymanite jewelry (a fine lovely stone only found in the Cayman Islands), Cayman handwoven thatch handbags and sunhats, as well as Cayman jams, hot sauces, pepper jelly, handpainted cushions, gifts, natural soaps/lotions, coconut bird houses, Cayman Sea Salt, coconut household items, underwater photos, and local Christmas ornaments and decorations.  www.Pure
  • Cayman Logwood Products - A line of beautiful and hardy local logwood bowls and other products hand crafted from fallen Cayman Logwood trees.100% made in the Cayman Islands. Every Cayman Logwood is tree is unique in shape and no two Cayman Logwood pieces are alike. All genuine Cayman Logwood products are given a specific number along with trademark logo. One of a kind from the Cayman Islands. Available at Pure Art on South Church Street, Cupboard Gift shop at Ritz-Carlton and other fine stores.  1-345-943-7258
  •  Cayman Sea Salt is 100% artisan produced solar sea salt which is made in the Cayman Islands. It is used as a gourmet finishing salt for fish and salads. There is also the popular Cayman Sea Salt Barbecue Rub .Cayman Sea Salt can be found at fine retail stores and supermarkets across the island. For more details check out the website at  1-345-943-7258