There are a few basic things to remember concerning tipping and eitquette in the BVI. Politeness is always very important, saying "good morning", "good afternoon" and "good evening" are always important upon meeting anyone before saying anything else. Tipping is good, you can tip anyone you'd like from taxi driver's to the person helping you with luggage at your hotel. 15%-20% tip is customary in almost all cases.

Concerning driving it's good habit to stop for pedestrian's to cross as much as possible, giving locals rides is very common as well (if you feel comfortable doing so and they're heading in your direction) and being courteous letting people merge into your lane or make their turns is appreciated too. Rude hand gestures, swearing, long beeps of the horn is frowned upon.

Always blow your horn when approaching a swith-back on the hills. If someone is approaching on the other side they would do the same thing  warning each driver to hold his side or approach with caution.

In terms of clothing when going into Road Town, shops, restaurants, etc. it is best not to wear swimsuits or very revealing clothing (extremely short shorts are considered distasteful).

Other than that common courtesy and friendliness goes a long way, even if you have a complaint about something, it helps in just about every situation.