Negril is not known for its shopping, however, you can still find inexpensive souvenirs to take back home with you. There is Times Square Mall on Norman Manley Boulevard directly across the street from Legends hotel where you will find a strip mall-type of shopping experience. No haggling or bartering -- what you see is what you pay. Souvenir items such as t- shirts, key chains, Blue Mountain coffee, swimsuits and rum can be purchased in these shops. There are some high end jewellers located here also, where you can purchase watches and gold at tax free/duty paid prices. Going north you will find the Bayside Village mall with a selection of items like at Time Square mall. Bayside Village is across from Margaritaville. There is also a craft market located on Norman Manley Boulevard across from the Breezes Grand Negril resort that has nicely handcrafted clothing, wall hangings, jewelry and other handcrafted Jamaican items. This is where your haggling skills can come into use. The beach also offers stands and a few stores in which to purchase souvenirs from local vendors. 

Negril's main craft market is located by the Negril River bridge just before you get to Negril's centre (the Negril roundabout). Here you will get the real Jamaican vendor experience. Here you find some real original Jamaican craft vendors, selling some of their amazing original works, including carvings, paintings, jewelry, rag rugs and much, much more. Fridays is wholesale day and if you want large quantities of jewelry, sarongs, clothes to sell back home this is the day to visit. Bartering is the norm with most vendors and can be a lot of fun, but please remember to give them a fair price so that they do make a profit to take home to their families. This is a real colourful experience and a great place to take photos, but please ask vendors first.

On Negril's West End Road (aka One Love Drive) on the 'cliff side' there are a multitude of shops where you can buy clothes, quality souvenirs, duty free goods. Beginning at Vendor's (Fi Wi) Plaza as you head to the west from the Negril roundabout. Then comes King's Plaza with its wonderful ladies and girls' dress shop, shoe shop and an amazing wedding shop. Plus here you can buy anything you want for your computer or your car sound system in the electronics shops there.

Next stop is Sunshine Plaza where Hi Lo supermarket is located, plus a heap of Duty Free shops and a huge beauty product store.

From Sunshine Plaza to way up West End Road at Out of Town Pastry there are small supermarkets (always good to support the local economy), clothes for sale, gift shops, carvers that you can watch making their goods ready for sale. The West End Road (aka One Love Drive) is full of authentic Jamaican culture as well as some of the best restaurants in Negril when you are done with shopping!

There is also cafe's and small gifts shops along the roadthat sell gifts, postcards, coffee, jewelry, clothes flip flops, etc. at really good prices. Easy Rock Internet Cafe, for instance sells some of the best coffee in Negril, which of course you can sample before you take home. Order it fresh and it comes warm from the roaster, smells and tastes absolutely delicious! It also sells postcards (and stamps!) and an abundance of other things especially gifts from products made in Negril's own recycling centre.