Negril is the best alternative for a first timer's destination when visiting Jamaica.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you are traveling to a country with many very different aspects to it's society than what you are used to in your home country. You might be rather "surprised" by the way in which daily life goes about in Jamaica.

Expect to be offered "Ganja" (marijuana sp?) by many of the local vendors and such, and also expect some of the Jamaican people to be a little more forthright in their social behavior.

You might find them to be much more prone to sparking up conversation with strangers than what you are used to, and often they can be more overt and "forward" in their ways... From trying to sell you various things to making compliments about your appearance...

Again, just try and remind yourself that the whole world is not like what you have come to know at home. and you should find these differences to be not only fascinating, but a great learning experience as well.

Jamaica is primarily a "third World Country" so keep in mind that you will see a LOT of very unwealthy Jamaicans. Many first timers express a feeling of great empathy when first being exposed to this on their bus ride from the airport. Almost inevitably however, even the least affluent Jamaicans will smile and greet you with the most sincerest of warmth and friendliness.

One point to mention is that most people who vacation somewhere, tend to "assume" that the entire ISLAND is the same as it was at the particular area or resort they were at, when in fact the differences can be quite remarkable!

Each resort is unique and more so, each area of Jamaica is very unique as well. So if you find certain things not so much to your liking in one place, try not to assume that if you were to try another place next time it would be at all the same.Most people who consider themselves "experts" and desire to sow the seeds of their experiences have only ventured from the MoBay Airport to Negril over the "old road" or visited Roaring River once or maybe even ventured as far as Black River. Have they climbed Blue Mountain Peak? Dove into the cold waters of Gutt River? Or walked the tube along the Rio Cobre? No. you can bet most don't know anything about those parts of Jamaica.

Before taking advice from anyone about travel, you might want to get a "first hand" opinion from someone who has at least been there.